Spring madness? Or just madness?

I haven't posted for a few weeks. The winter snow and ice laid so heavy on me that when it finally melted my brain exploded. I am just now putting  it back together. There was the impending fishing season and all the gear and whatnots to be cleaned and organized. then the new dog. Yes another dog. If you're keeping count that's 3 yes 3 Devorerly Kennels English Setters. The new guy's name is Duncan. A year and a half old Blue Belton. He's somewhere around 75 ibs maybe less. Still a puppy and very sweet but also strong. Having three boys is also a bit of an issue. We are working everything out though. I can't wait to paint his picture. 

Of course there is the standard mind numbing events going on. Sick cars. Studio Tour failure. Spring cleaning and putting in a small garden. Every tire on every thing that has tires being flat and the inflator being dead.

There is fun on the horizon. Mark Carder has finally released his Geneva oil paints. My set of his special limited palette colors are on the way. I drifting the Delaware with guide Jerry Hadden on May 11th, I got elected to the board of the Wayne County Artis Alliance I don't know if thats good or bad). And we got a couple of seed catalogs in the mail.

Next up on the easel.

I have to reworks three paintings. and re-stretch one of them. Big nuisance stuff but the painting wouldn't be right otherwise.