Winter is the time for watercolors

Last year when I set up my studio I had no idea how different the season would affect the space. It's in the basement with the east side was a walk to and the west is in the ground. Last summer the humidity was so bad I had to run an air conditioner and a dehumidifier.. On dry days I had the doors open. As the seasons changed and it got cooler and dryer the humidity dropped to low levels. I had to remove the AC because of infiltration.

 Uh Oh! Painting with oils became difficult when the fumes became constant and overpowering. Can't open the windows at 5°.

So Its water painting season. I've done a few small watercolors this season while nursing a bum knee. Not fumes, no stink! Here's one that I just finished from a December start of Trout our Decoverly English Setter.

Watercolor on Arches rough watercolor paper 11 x 14

Apples on Arches rough watercolor

Apples on Arches rough watercolor

There's still a lot of winter left.  I've started a couple of acrylics on panels and have a big watercolor to paint on plate finish. That should take me to mid to late February.  When I can install the AC and get a little fresh air in here.