Back to work

I haven't been working very much since before Thanksgiving. What with the shortest days of the year, hunting season (a bust), Santa season (several appearances as the jolly old elf and then the holidays. Our cars stopped working in the same week and we had to buy a new one - ouch. For over two weeks I've been laid up with what I hope is simply a torn Meniscus. We'll hear tomorrow and have fixed soon. So I've been really distracted though I have done a couple of watercolors and made some panels. I got a free flat file which has helped me organize my paints, printing papers and prints. I got 3 paintings framed and ready for an office hanging. I worked a lot on the website structuring it for direct sales and have begun categorizing and sorting my older humorous illustrations for a web showing. Time hasn't been totally wasted. 

Here's what I learned while being bored, lame and distracted. I can't just sit and paint. The mental, unconscious process, is the most important part of my painting and I have little control of it. There's no hurrying it. I happens only when i'm not distracted or preoccupied with the mundane. I've been feeling bad about not painting and I shouldn't. The holidays are gone and there's 2 more minutes of sunlight every day.

Bummer. My knee is not so simple.

A new model at Ianni's. 010714

A new model at Ianni's. 010714

Life drawing from Ianni's 010714  • Click to enlarge