Finding the time

When we hit a certain age the medical establishment starts controlling our lives. We have to begin regular testing for prostate or breast or colon issues. Even if we have no signs. And if there are signs. Well then worry comes into play. This week I discovered the reason that my hands are hurting is carpool tunnel. But theres no tunnels around here and I haven't commuted for years. There was a wasted day. Then I was supposed to have a MRI on my head because I not hearing words correctly. They squeezed me into an aging and rusty magnetic donut and I freaked out and leap from the hideous machine. I found out that all those drugs back then do flash back. And , that my brain can act real quickly when needed. I also learned today at yet another Dr visit that my prostate seemed ok. What a pain in the ass. That on top of having to pee in a bottle for a day. 

Tomorrow I have to bring my wife for a colon scoping. She's been quite unhappy most for the last 2 days. I already know that life sucks when she's unhappy. 

You really know you're getting old when you start attending fundraising events for causes you don't know about or even care. When do I find the time to paint?

This Sunday look like I'll have the time. After I go get the gas can and diesel cans filled up and fill the mower, ATV, tractor and chain saw. Mow the lawn. Cut down that dead hickory by the drive and drag it away with the tractor. I'll have time after we swim, 1 hr round trip plus swim time.

Yeah I'll get to that painting real soon.