Jitterbug Straight Up

Sold! Purchased by a fellow art traveller. 8.6.19

Oil on Linen Panel 2019

This illustrative painting is the result of a series of doodles and sketches done over the past few years. This antique Jitterbug was purchased about 3 years ago with the intent to make a painting of it.

This is a rendering with a touch of expressive brush stroke.

The first Largemouth Bass I ever caught on a lure, maybe the first fish I ever caught on a lure, was with a Jitterbug on Angle Pond in Hempstead, New Hampshire. My cousin Raymond Sweetser taught me how to fish with lures and flies in the summer of 1960. I never thanked him enough for doing this.

This is the latest in a long series of fishing lures and flies I’ve made over the past 30 years. Pieces in watercolor, oils, and cg.