Working with a different model

While Catherine is basking in the sun down in Florida we a painting away up here in the Upper Delaware Valley. Shoveling snow and sharpening Yak Tracks. But we have a fantastic new model . I’m starting with bigger canvases. This is 20 x 30 oil on canvas. It’s not quite finshed. The textural details are all that’s left


The piece bellow is a 30 x 40 piece. The biggest figure piece I’ve ever done. The figure is pretty much painted the ‘background’ need a lot of work. A great pose.

Working big like this is challenging for me. Managing the amount of paint on the palette is a real challenge. My structured palette helps but I really need to use a bigger palette

Untitled 30 x 40 oil on canvas WIP

Untitled 30 x 40 oil on canvas WIP