I have my hands full

I'm doing two shows this summer. An art fair in June (details later) and the open studio tour. I sold 7 pieces during the tour last year and 3 or 4 since. I haven't been doing a lot of 'finish' stuff mostly studies and life work. I think I have to get my butt in gear. I need to do up to 30 pieces before June 1 just to get 15 or so good one for the first show. I don't expect sales to be brisk. The fair market is pretty much a thing of the past. But I need to show my stuff.

Here's number one. sorry quick photo.

no titile yet Oil on 12 x 9 linen

Heres a 'Work in Progress' called Barn Clock 18 x 24

Barn Clock  18 x 24 Oil on Linen