A work in progress

This is an experiment from the start. I thought I would try painting on Arches Oil paper. In the past I painted on bristle with oils with some success. I mounted a piece of this paper on a scrap piece of foam core. I thought this would be fairly simple. Was I wrong. It's like painting on a ShamWow sponge. Once there is a good base it's ok but I can't recommend this stuff unless you plan on priming it first. I may be good stuff if you paint with water soluble oils, which I do, and you want to paint with water as your medium sort of like water color. Maybe I'll try that. 

My reaction to the surface was to tighten up. I didn't loosen up til the very end. It took about 5-6 hours. Too long for a small. 10 x 9.

It's not quite done maybe tomorrow. 


Update: It's done. I did learn or relearn a bit. This is an extension of exploring brush stroke blurring. It looks a little abstract.