I was born to paint. 



I have been a painter most of my life.

I've earned a living as commercial artist for 35 years. More than half of my life. Working as a humorous illustrator. Advertising and magazine art director. And as computer graphics artist/programmer. All was assignment work. Collaboration between editors, authors and art-direction. I produces a lot of work that I love. Most it was work. That's all. For most of that 35 years I was also painting. At first with acrylic and watercolor. Later adding digital image making. These attempts at non collaborative art making were encouraging and sustained me.

In 2001 things changed. The world changed. My largest client the Wall Street Journal, crushed by 9/11, had to temporarily move out of the city. Other clients were out of business for months. I started painting. Painting for myself. For five years I painted in watercolor and acrylic. I painted a lot of watercolors with the earthy palette. I focused on the objects in a loose kind of realism. The subjects of my paintings were usually scenes or objects that are close at hand. Like a pair of chairs in a friends backyard or a barn side on the way weekend home in rural Northeast Pennsylvania close by in the Upper Delaware Valley. Every summer we spend some time with my family on the Maine coast giving me many of my subjects. Many of my scenes were cliched but not cute. The focus though was on the objects. For several years I toured around the juried art shows. From Pennsylvania to New York Connecticut and Florida. Even winning first place in one show in early 2007.

Six years ago I move to our home in PA full time after a 5 year stint at Bloomberg News. My painting changed. I started painting in oil. I started painting still life. I started painting for the paint. The light. My palette broadening. I have been focusing on figure drawing and painting. Figure work is essential to understanding proportion, form, beauty, light and value. I am making a study of the 12 color spectrum palette. Developing a simplified approach to understanding primary, secondary and tertiary color relationships.  

I spend my free time chasing trout with my handmade flies. Hunting birds over my Decoverly English Setters Patch, Trout and Duncan.

My grandmother, Beatrice Laffin, Acrylic on canvas 1981.

My wife thinks she looks to mean. I think she looks like someone who worked until she was 75 in the shoe factories. I cry when I look at this.