We just returned from vacation

The show was a success. Our vacation was good though we both suffered from bronchitis requiring a visit to urgent care . We did get out to Monhegan Island. A very serine place. Not being up to a hike we shopped around a bit had a magical scone then lunch at the big hotel. Very nice. When we started lunch it was hot and humid. We walked out into what can only be called a sea change. Much cooler and drier.

Sea change...  iPhoneX

This was the first thing I saw when I walked out. I dropped my bags and grabbed my iPhone and shot this. The always unique Monhegan light combined with a shining sea reflecting the incoming cold front. This simple image captures. the stark beauty of Monhegan Island. And may I add the exceptional camera in the iPhoneX.

Of course I packed my painting gear as always and didn't paint a thing. This year I had an excuse.