Having the right model

Over the past 4 years we've been very lucky to have some terrific model here in the Upper Delaware Valley. This is Corrine from the latest session at Pauline's first Tuesday drawing social. these are 1 minute to twenty minute poses. A tremendous model. An athlete artist. Her poses are classic and inventive. 

Working from life has become pretty much normal now. Working with models is the best part. The figure contains all the proportion, perspective and spacial challenges you need. It requires energy and some on the fly imagination

Of course there is the majestic Catherine who never strikes a bad pose. Who Johan, Judith and I have been painting for the better part of two years. 

There is Justin, Marie Louise, Racheal who was Ianni's favorite, Dianne, Miguel, Mary, and Soha. And a bunch whose names I can't remember. The best part of being an artist.