Most of the paintings and prints that are for sale are priced and marked.

Some paintings are marked as sale items. This may mean that they've been offered at gallery price for a while and have been reduced to reflect my cut of a gallery sale.  On some pieces I'm keeping the prices high to not box out any interested galleries and try and capture the commission that would go to a gallery. Generally a gallery will get 30% to 50% of the selling price. On a $1000 piece they may get $330 leaving me with $670. The gallery getting almost one half of my net!

If you still feel the price may seem beyond your comfort level. Feel free to contact me to make a reasonable offer.



I will ship any piece in the most safe and appropriate container anywhere in the US . This can get pricey with size. When you receive your piece please save the container for at least 14 days. After 14 days I can't accept returns. There are shipping options in the checkout please select the appropriate option for you purchase.

I ship vis UPS in MasterPak art shipping boxes. An extremely high quality solution to help protect you investment. 


If you don't like it. return it in the original shipping container up to 14 day. You pay the return freight.  I'll credit your cc account for the purchase amount.