Open Studio Forum is not another internet oil painting method. It is a forum about the foundational elements of representational painting using oils.

Our audience is the person with desire and passion to learn how to paint. Maybe the person doesn’t have a formal art education. Maybe they have the education but haven’t applied it in a long, long time.


Before we go on any further let me introduce myself. I’m Jim Kingston. For nearly the past 50 years I’ve worked as a commercial artist. I worked as an art director on Madison Avenue. I illustrated in local and national newspapers and magazines. As the world became digital I pioneered in graphic automation, interactive features and large scale image interactive image databases. Somehow in all that I participated in juried art fairs from Miami to Maine. Ending my work a day career by automating financial newspaper production for papers around the world.

For the past 8 years my focus has changed to producing art. Painting. Art the expresses my feelings not those of others. Not representing data or things or someone elses stories. I’ve had to retrain myself. To reach back to foundation skills to create work techniques that are both economical in time and cost

In January of 2018 I established this forum. Many of the members came from the DMP (Draw Mix Paint) forum. We needed a more honest constructive place to grow and paint together. Over that year we added a couple of new members and shared a lot of work with one another

The forum is linked to my web site We cover a lot of ground on the forum. Drawing, composition, photographing your work, material and more.

For the past year I has been free. Starting in early January 2019 I have st start charging a modest $100 per year. I’m planning more features and group participation challenges. Come on lets have some fun.

Try us for one month if you’re not happy with the forum we’ll credit your account no questions asked.



Portrait Swap Challenge 2018-2019

In October 2018 we started a portrait swap challenge. 8 artist took up the challenge. Several of them had never done a portrait before. This is a sampling of the works in progess as of early January 2018.


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Artist of the month

This painting won first place in the VITAL ART SESSION competionin, judged  Gregg Kreutz! Julianna paint great but she couldn’t get good photos of her work. We got her taking terrific photo. Check out Julianna’s work on her web site   

Bouquet In The Window oil on linen 2018

Bouquet In The Window oil on linen 2018

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