Here you see the paint sagging a lot. Only the strong white mi applied sort of heavy. 

It's a iPhone photo that I bumped the contrast to see running.... 

Sagging running white mx

Wednesday November 6

We went to NYC today so I had a day off from painting.I was mixing paint for tomorrow's painting and notice that the paint has dried and was already sunken in large areas see photo below. On the left the sunken areas are not just dull but appear to have a haze. I find it is common to get sunken areas especially in the saker areas.  But this is mid tone at darkest. The paint was dry a lot sooner than I expected. No big deal. 

On the right I oiled out a area on the lighter apple. it fully restored the color a brightness of the wet paint. This is the technique I use and technique recommended by most of the paint manufacturers that I have researched. When I learned oil painting as a kid it was part of the process. Stretch, size, prime, paint, oil and varnish. I expect to do this and do so on most of my paintings. I theory it creates a uniform layer for the varnish to adhere to. I do it because it looks great.

Anyway only time will tell how oiling out will work.. I'm confident. I know Mark doesn't recommend this procedure. But the dulling and haze affect may cause some consternation from folks less tested.

Again thanks for the opportunity to test Geneva paint its been a lot of fun oddly enough.


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