I am accepting commissions for portraits and storied images. Price  based on size, complexity and time constraint. Here are a couple of examples of recent commissioned work.

contact: jingston@mac.com


Pricing is based on size, complexity and time constraint.  Other factors are if the painting is being done from a photo of life*. In the case of working from photography whether the photo is supplied or if I take the photo.

Options for size are; 11x14, 12 x 18, 18 x 24 or 24 x 30 

Complexity; Head, head and shoulders, head to waist or full body and background. With dogs or animals the issues are the same

Time constraint; Oil paintings take time to make, sitting time and sessions and simple painting time. Drying time and varnishing can be take several months.

A 1/2 deposit is required on acceptance of estimate.

*Working from life will require several sittings. The finished work will be done in studio with photographic reference.