I've used cameras as a tool for illustration and painting for a long time. Since I began to draw. I started with a primitive darkroom in the basement of my parents house. I processed film from my Instamatic. Later from my East German 35mm. Then my Yashica twin lens 2 1/4. The list goes on and on. After Art School some of my first gigs were working in darkrooms and stat cameras. I worked with top photographers while working as an art director in advertising. I've always taken pictures and had a camera with me where ever I went. Before digital photography cost was an issue limiting the amount of images I could grab. Not any more. 

I've had digital cameras since they first arrived. Now I have a have a Nikon D90, a Canon 5D Mark II and my iPhone 7 Plus. Having spent the last 20+ years of my career(s) as a digital creative I can say that my iPhone has been by far the BEST most versatile camera I've ever owned.

With the advent of the 7 Plus it's not only great but remarkable. So are the tools and apps on the phone which let us do things with our pictures that were impossible just a few years ago.

The galleries under this menu will display what I consider good and sometimes beautiful images. I will show step by step techniques of converting everyday images into expressive works of art. New productivity tools will be featured from time to time.