I was born to paint. 



I have been a  painter most of my life. I paint in oils, watercolors and acrylics.

I've earned a living as an illustrator, art director and computer graphics artist / programmer for most of my adult life. Over the past 15 years I have focused on painting, with a few years off to earn enough to allow me paint. 

I paint realism. I try to show the reality of the things I paint. I like to paint things that are old but still in use and kinetic. I've painted a lot of watercolors with an earthy palette befitting the subject matter, things that are worn, that have been used and used well. I paint things that evoke the spectre of the people that built and used them. The subjects of my paintings are usually scenes or objects that are close at hand. Like a pair of chairs in a friends backyard or a barn side on the way home in rural Northeast Pennsylvania. Many of my subjects are close by in the Upper Delaware Vally where we live. Every summer we spend some time with my family on the Maine coast giving me many of my subjects. 

Many of my scenes are cliched. But they're not cute They can be rainy but not sad.  

Recently I've opened my palette broadening my subjects choices and loosened my technique painting portraits and still lives. I paint mostly from photo compositions that I create but also from life. I have been focusing on figure drawing and painting.  It is essential to understanding proportion, form, beauty, light and value, 

When I'm not messing around with brushes and paint, I spend my free time chasing trout with my handmade flies,  or hunting birds over my Decoverly English Setters Patch, Trout and Duncan.

My grandmother Beatrice Laffin Acrylic on canvas 1981. 

My wife thinks she looks to mean. I think she looks like someone who worked until she was 75 in the shoe factories. I cry when I look at this.